• Why Don’t I Feel Motivated Anymore?

    Training Motivation

    We train for races and fix our goals on events, B races and building up to our big A race but what happens when these races disappear? We are all in this strange and unprecedented situation where races have been cancelled for probably the rest of 2020.

  • Skipping as an alternative to Running

    If you can’t get outside for your regular runs then using a skipping rope or jump rope is a great alternative and takes up little room.

  • Can’t get to a pool? Why not try rowing?

    Karen Parnell - Head Coach Chili Tri  Many public swimming pools have been forced to closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and your favour...
  • My first race

    Standing on the beach waiting for the gun to go off legs trembling, questioning all my life decisions that led me to this point. An hour and half later I'm searching for the local tri calendar to choose my next race