My first race

I've always been competitive. It didn't matter if it was football, board games, running, I always wanted to win. Growing up I'd always played competitive sports and in my 20s I'd started running again and gotten into cycling. Triathlon had always appealed to me but as a poor (very poor with hindsight) swimmer I'd never looked into it properly. Watching a triathlon from my balcony one morning spurred me on to sign up for my first sprint race. 750m swim, 21km ride, 5km run, how hard can it be I thought? I forgot to mention, the race was 6 weeks from the date I signed up and I hadn't swam more than a length in a pool in over a decade. 


After 6 weeks of coughing and spluttering my way to a maximum of 200m freestyle in the pool I found myself on the beach at the start line of my first race. The swim was eye opening. Swinging arms, bodies everywhere. It was chaos. I made it out and onto the bike. With no pacing strategy I hammered it as hard as I could on a second hand road bike that I'd purchased a few weeks previous. I spent 21km trying to get back up the field. Flew into transition, nearly coming off my bike, and got my trainers on for the 5km run. I managed to pick up a few more places on the run and finished in 1hr30 for my first race. 


The range of emotions I felt during the race was unreal. Terror in the water as a non-swimmer, relief on the bike that I'd made it out of the water alive and then the racer in me came out on the run. I absolutely loved it. This race was 3 years ago and since then I've done about a dozen triathlons, countless running races, a bike race and even a swim race! 


Triathlon is a sport I wish I had gotten into so much earlier. It is technically challenging (mastering 3 sports), physically challenging and mentally challenging (those of you who have done longer distance races will know what I'm talking about). Here at Podium Sports we want to help people get involved in the sport we love and we have designed our Tri Box to help amateur triathletes along the way with expert guidance from the coaches we work with, by providing the best in sports nutrition and ticking off a few things from that never ending list of kit you "need".


What are your memories of your first races?


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